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Conference on obstetric emergencies, Yaoundé, Cameroon

On the 19th of March 2010, WAHA International together with Ms. Annie Atchoumi, president of the national midwife association of Cameroon, carried out a conference on obstetric emergencies presided by the Minister of Health.

The principle objective was to harmonize treatment protocols to help improve the quality of care for obstetric emergencies. Over 300 health workers participated through presentations, group work and plenary sessions which were covered by the local press.

The main topics covered were:
- An introduction to maternal mortality
- Referrals
- The three delays and obstetric care. (The three delays in receiving appropriate obstetric care are: delay in deciding to seek care,; delay in arriving at an appropriate health facility; and the delay in receiving care at the health facility.)

The main recommendations and proposals identified at the conference for improving emergency obstetric care concerned:
- Measures that need to be taken to create and maintain a complete system for emergency obstetrical care
- Community awareness of maternal mortality.
- Improving the skills of health personnel
- Measures to guarantee the supply of the necessary medicines and medical materials
- Community plan for preparing and dealing with  an obstetric emergency
- Strategies that could be adopted to strengthen the community's role in efforts to ensure that women are attended by trained personnel during childbirth.