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Maternal Health in Kedougou - Cyrille's Senegal Blog 2

The morning buzzed with excitement!  At 8 a.m  we arrived  at the Kedougou Regional Hospital a few hours before the inauguration  of the project .


Maternal Health in Kedougou - Cyrille's Senegal Blog 1

Together with Dr. Ibrahim Konaté, country coordinator for WAHA in Senegal, we left Dakar around 9 am. Eleven hours later and after having crossed the country from west to east we arrived at our destination.


Cyrille's Blog in Ethiopia 5 - Last day but one in Ethiopia

Operation door Gondar

We leave Addis at dawn with Dr. Mulu, heading for Gondar.  A one hour flight later we arrive to the old capital.


Cyrille's Blog in Ethiopia 4 - Surgery at Assela hospital

Assela operating theatre

Dr Ambaye and I arrive to the surgical unit around 8 am; the first patient is currently undergoing a spinal aneasthesia.


Essam's Blog - Mazraq Camp II

End of the year exams in the camp school

In our Mazraq camp II, the life proceeds in the normal way, students are taking their end of the year exams in the camp school.


Cyrille's Blog in Ethiopia 3 - Assela

Press coverage during the inauguration of the project

Yesterday, we went back to the Ethiopian capital with Dr Mulu and Dr Sinan, and then we took the road to Assela, where we were going to inaugurate the opening of the new fistula treatment care and training service in collaboration with Adama University.