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Boroma Fistula Camp, May 2011

In May 2011, 20 women we are flying in from Mogadiscio have been operated on at Boroma Fistula Hospital. According to Eric Otieno, it was 4 days of marathon work !


Edna Adan Fistula Camp

In April 2011, a fistula camp was carried out at Edna Adan Hospital, Somaliland. Beyond complicated fistula surgeries performed, Dr. Eric Otieno also describes the great team atmosphere.


A presidential visit

Amid patient care and after surgery, Eric is at the hospital when a surprise visit arrives. This is his second posting from Somaliland.  


Halimo's story* - Childless and at a crossroads!

The first blog posting by  Eric Otieno, WAHA anesthesist, in Somaliland.


Letters from the field: fistula camp in Somaliland

Hibu* had quite a complicated recto vaginal fistula and a hernia from a badly performed caesarean.  She was 27,   tiny and doll like and had had the fistula for 12 years.


Maternal Health in Kedougou - Cyrille's Senegal Blog 3

This  morning we went to Bandafassi where the medical transfer bike  has been stationed. Together with Dr. Konaté, Senghor and Sène, we wanted to see the bike at work on the ground. Bandafassi is known for being the village with the highest maternal mortality rate in Senegal.