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Eric's Blog: Work continues in Moga despite the blasts....

We arrived today in Mogadishu after a short break following the massive bomb blast that killed over 100 people a fortnight ago.


Eric’s Blog: Visiting Rajo Camp for displaced people

The road to the camp was winding, passing through several narrow streets, through the war-ravaged Medina region, and out towards the sea.


Eric's Blog: Moga's bad surprises

Due to the high security alert, we are mostly confined to our hotel when not in the hospital.


Eric's Blog: Getting started in Mogadishu

Our first few days in Mogadishu were spent planning and brainstorming.


Eric's Blog: Arriving in Mogadishu

This is the second post from Dr Eric Otieno in Mogadishu.  Eric describes his first day in the Somali capital,  where he sees Mogadishu's daily life. 


Eric's Blog: Getting ready for Mogadishu

This is the first post from  Eric Otieno as he prepares to go to Mogadishu, where WAHA is setting up a mother and child care project with the UAE Red Crescent Society.