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Roundup - mHealth Summit 2013

It has been a pleasure to represent WAHA at the mHealth Summit 2013! Following a busy week of lectures, networking at our booth in the Exhibition hall, and learning about other mHealth ventures, I am happy to say that I am truly hopeful about the future of mHealth in medically underserved environments.


Banadir Hospital - The Challenge

In the wake of continuous insecurity, unstable electricity and water supply, lack of hygiene and almost all other requirements needed to run a hospital, WAHA has taken on the challenging task of renovating and running the maternity ward at Banadir Hospital in Mogadishu.


Kenya: Why Are We Forsaking Refugee Hosts?

In a surprising reversal of government policy, Kenya’s High Court recently struck down a mandate that, if implemented, would have forced refugees out of Nairobi and relocated them to refugee camps. 


Suffering in Silence: Addressing the Social Stigma of Fistula

As we spend National Women’s Health Week empowering women to make responsible health decisions, particular attention needs to be drawn to an often overlooked barrier to women’s care: the social stigma of obstetric fistula.


Achieving respectful healthcare through education and awareness in Ethiopia

WAHA's recent blog, featured in the Maternal Health Task Force's Respectful Care blog series, highlights our recent efforts to achieve dignified healthcare in Ethiopia.


Healthcare in Conflict Zones: Why the Women of Somalia Need Our Help

The lethal attack on Mogadishu’s Supreme Court last week is a jarring reminder that Somalia is still riddled with turmoil. It is not, however, a sign that Somali is regresssing from its recently-achieved and much-applauded progress.