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The special bond between a fistula patient and her surgeon

Hanna, our Fundraising Assistant in Ethiopia, recently accompanied Dr. Ambaye Wolde Michael to our Fistula Center in Jimma. She tells us about the inspirational trip in her latest blog piece.


On The Road to Freetown: Combatting Ebola in Sierra Leone

Our team from Guinea arrived in Sierra Leone earlier this week. Here is a glimpse of their first impressions upon arrival.


Defining unconditional support: 4 exemplary men

More often than not, women who contract obstetric fistula are abandoned by those they considered their closest relatives, including their life partners. Husbands who had promised to love their wives unconditionally, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow flee the scene when the women suffer from incontinence. Beyond their physical wounds, most women with fistula also suffer from a deep feeling of betrayal and abandonment. More generally, obstetric fistula is widely seen as a “women’s problem”. But during our last visit of WAHA’s Fistula Center in Assella, we met with a group of inspiring men: husbands by their wives’ side, fathers consoling their daughters, sons taking care of their mothers. Here is what they had to say.


WAHA expands its scope of activities in Ethiopia: focus on our project in Dollo Ado, the second-largest refugee complex in the world

Building on its acquired expertise and innovative accomplishments, WAHA has been gradually expanding its soundly functioning comprehensive programs.The Dollo Ado refugee camp


Lessons learned from fellow IWG Grantees

Nearly a week after the 2013 mHealth Summit in National Harbor, Maryland, I’m still reflecting on the many discussions I had with fellow grantees about their projects. It was especially interesting to speak with all 3 rounds of IWG Grantees, who were brought from all corners of the world by the mHealth Alliance to discuss successes, challenges and lessons learned at the Summit.By Mira Levenson, project officer for WAHA International


Field trip to Assella: Time to reap what we’ve sown!

The quest to insure safe motherhood in Ethiopia might seem like a herculean challenge but encouraging results from the field has fueled WAHA Ethiopia's ongoing efforts.